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Pay-It-Forward Paracord

The concept behind Pay-It-Forward Paracord is simple.

I gift you a custom paracord item and you go on a mission to do a random act of kindness.

Create your own

one-of-a-kind design

It's easy, fun, and prompts you to help others.

Pick your design

(see examples below)

- Monkey Fist

- Fob

Pick your core

(for Monkey Fist only)

- .75" Steel

- 1" Wood, Glass, or Steel

- 1.25" Wood or Steel

- 1.5" Wood

Pick your weave

- King Cobra

- Double Helix (DNA)

- Tire Tread

Pick your connector(s)

- Carabiner type

- Trigger Clip

- Steel Ring

- Paw Bottle Opener

Pick your color(s)

- See Current Colors

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Submit your design specs along with where to send your creation.
  2. After you receive your gift, PAY IT FORWARD!
  3. Share your paid it forward story so it can be added to our Wall of Fame. 

How much should you pay forward? The act of giving is more important than the monetary value. Use your imagination. Meet a stranger. Share a moment. Do something that makes someone else's day a little brighter.

Sample Designs

1.25" Core - Two Color Monkey Fist - Diamond Knot - Cobra Weave - Carabiner

Two Color "Arrow" Stick fob - Tire Tread weave - Paw bottle opener

1.25" Core - Two Color Monkey Fist - DNA Weave - Carabiner

Two Color Stick fob - king cobra weave - "D" carabiner and Ring

1" core - "Fear the fork" Monkey Fist - Diamond Knot - Cobra Weave - Carabiner

The holiday collection

Get creative! mix cores, colors, knots, weaves, and connectors.

looking for something a little different? more interesting?

This is the M.O.A.T. or Mother Of All Thumpers. It's 12" long with a 1.5" steel ball bearing core and is great for checking your tire pressure. It takes a lot of time and over 16 feet of paracord to make one of these, so they are only available to returning clients who have previously paid it forward.